Major Work: A celebration of creation and development

At a recent celebration, the eighth grade students of the Hausham Montessori School presented their “Major Works”. For the 13-14 year old students of the Fireflies class (Year 8), this significant milestone marks not only the completion of a creative project, but also the culmination of months of work, discovery and growth. The Major Work, a comprehensive project consisting of a piece of work (a physocal product), a written piece, a display stand and an oral presentation, is a symbolic end to their Montessori education. In front of an impressed audience of teachers, parents, classmates, grandparents and siblings, the students presented their work with pride and dedication. These included assembling a dirt bike, making their own chocolate, painting a moped, e-tuning an MTB, building a dog bed, composing music for the harp, setting a poem to music, building a chicken coop, drawing manga and designing a digital cookbook.

For many of the young participants, this moment was the culmination of months of hard work and personal development. From the development of their concepts to the practical implementation and presentation on and off stage, the students completed each stage with remarkable success.