How everything began…

The Maria Montessori School Association Miesbach e.V. was founded in 1996 by Sybille Fahrer and Sylvia Kaufmann as a parent initiative. As at that time there were already two Montessori kindergartens in the district of Miesbach, the idea of founding a Montessori school was pursued intensively.

In 1999, a new board of directors was formed in order to further advance the project.

Thanks to the great commitment of Sylvia Schaffner, Alexandra Braunmiller, Antonia Corsepius, Gabriele Janner, Doris Brinkies and Claudia Huber, it was possible to open a Montessori Primary School in Hausham in 2001.

Since the school year 2008/09, it has also been possible for the students to continue their school career in the secondary school (5th to 10th grade). Christiane Ahlhelm, chairwoman, and Mira Kammerer, class teacher, were largely responsible for the development of the school. In the school year 2012/13, the first students graduated with the qualifying secondary school diploma (qualifizierenden Mittelschulabschluss), and the following year the first students with an intermediate school leaving certificate (Mittlerem Bildungsabschluss).