Major Work

On 28 March, the 8th grade of the Montessori School Hausham presented their Major Work in the Glückauf Saal Hausham. It was a momentous occasion as 10 pupils took to the stage one after another to showcase their hard work and dedication. The students had been working on their Major Work for months, and this was the culmination of all that effort. They presented their work to an audience of teachers, parents, classmates and friends . 

The Major Work presentation is a treasured milestone in the life of every Montessori student. It is an opportunity for them to showcase their knowledge and skills. The Major Work presentation gives students a chance to share their unique perspectives on topics that are important to them, and it serves as a platform for them to express themselves creatively and confidently. 

The students independently choose a topic on which they write a theoretical paper, produce a practical work, create an information stand and present their work in front of an audience. 

Following Maria Montessori’s principle “Help me to do it myself”, the students found suitable mentors to support them. The topics were as diverse as the students themselves: Forging a knife, handling an image campaign, creating a horse magazine, designing cards for the zodiac signs, painting a watercolour picture and sewing a saddle pad,  building: a raised bed, a firepit, a planetarium, and a Rubik’s cube with the help of a 3D printer,  were all on the agenda. Many students surpassed their expectations of themselves. 

Two 7th grade students moderated the evening with witty sketches. In addition, two other talented 7th graders added to the ambience of the evening by providing musical accompaniment.  

Through the  Major Work, students demonstrate that they have learned through the principles of Montessori education: To work on a self-chosen topic independently, to express their own ideas in creative ways and to make use of the resources available in the environment.  

It was inspiring to see how everyone was able to shine in their own way  

Great work – great performance!