Sparks fly for the 17 Global Goals

The students of the Montessori School Hausham recently presented their projects that they had been working on for the previous academic year as part of the “Freiday Project” a day of action under the theme “Sparking the 17 Goals.” The students were motivated to take little and significant acts, local commitment, and increased networking by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which were commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. The students regularly took action, for instance, by raising money or by drawing attention to the climate goals.

Last Thursday, the entire school building and grounds were utilised by the kids, for example, to offer information about the 17 goals at knowledge stalls, to sell self-painted pictures, decorated objects and more. In addition, representatives from the “Goal 3 – Health and Well-Being” group invited, the mountain rescue service, the DLRG (German Life Saving Association), the Miesbach One World Shop, and LAVLI, a business for ethical, local food trade. The mountain rescue service arrived with a quad bike and rescue stretcher. The Holzkirchen Abfüllerei, Bavarian Fisheries Association, and Gemeinwohlökonomie Mangfalltal were also present.

A wide variety of student-made cuisine and freshly brewed coffee from the “Kaffeeradl” were served during the afternoon. The Montessori School Hausham intends to continue and increase its involvement in the initiative during the course of the upcoming academic year. The proceeds were donated to the Tafel Hausham – the proud sum of 1791.11 Euros.