Theater Hauptsache Glück

On 21 December, the Flames class (grades 9/10) of the Montessori School Hausham performed the romantic comedy “Hauptsache Glück” on the stage of the Bauerntheater Schliersee. The 18 youngsters took on the roles of happiness seekers, marketing experts and inner voices under the direction of Lydia Starkulla: Felixx von Gluck, a successful businessman in the marketing of alcoholic beverages, hopes to increase his sales with the help of fortune cookies. His efforts lead him to the happiness agency of the chaotic Bea Lassleben, they both realise that happiness cannot always be expressed in words, and certainly not in commercials.

During the performance, the young actors themselves showed not only a great deal of joy, but also a great deal of courage, for example when they danced across the stage or performed a scene from the Romeo and Juliet commercial. The young ensemble traveled to Berchtesgaden for a week during the rehearsal period, accompanied by headmistress Mira Kammerer and their teacher Louise Brand, so that they could completely concentrate on the play. Kammerer points out that her students have grown into a real team and have developed a great deal of discipline, self-confidence and social skills. As in the previous year, the theatre project was supported by the Neumayer Foundation and will become an integral part of the school year for the senior classes in the future.

The class also brought happiness to the Sternstunden project, to which they donated the proceeds from the fortune cookies in the self-made boxes, which were available to the audience for a donation on the evening of the theatre performance: 517.25 euros. Last but not least, the audience was treated to a wonderfully entertaining evening by 18 dedicated young people.